Free Distant Reiki Healing (20 minutes)

This offer ends the end of May 2020.




As an offering of my support, I will be extending FREE 20-minute Distant Reiki to ease you of life's current stressors.


Distant Reiki treatments are just as effective as in-person treatments,

allowing patients to receive the healing benefits from afar.



 The only thing required during our Distant Reiki session is the desire to let oneself relax and to be open to the positive effects of the Reiki energy.   You can go about your normal tasks during these 20 minutes; however, for the Reiki to have its full, optimal effect, it would be ideal for you to   take a seat or lie down in a quiet, relaxing place where you will not be disturbed. 


 Following the Distant Reiki session, there's a chance you might not feel that much.
 Don't worry, you will have reaped the benefits regardless.

 Having said that, you might feel:

  • more relaxed
  • more focused
  • more energetic
  • improved physical comfort
  • less anxious
  • less worried about what is happening


 These are just some of the things that may come up for you.

 For the Distant Reiki session to take place, I will require your permission, full name and suburb.
 To book this free session and secure your spot, please Sing up! 
 text: 0425787184
 with the above details.
 Please note that places are limited!
 ☆ No matter what's going on in your internal and external worlds, know that we all have the ability to heal ourselves.







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